Welcome to Pomology Institute


The Pomology Institute is a legal, non-profit research entity belonging to the Hellenic Agricultural Organisation - 'DEMETER' (former National Agricultural Research Foundation - N.AG.RE.F.) and functions as legal entity of the public sector supervised and financed, by more than 51%, by the Greek Ministry of Agricultural Development & Food.
Since its foundation in 1961, the Institute is based in Naoussa, Imathia, northern Greece, with a scope the development of applied science and technology in all deciduous fruit tree culture.

Areas of principle interest at the Pomology Institute are:

  • Evaluation, development and valorization of improved deciduous fruit tree cultivars and rootstocks. Emphasis is given on the development of cultivars that produce high quality fruit, containing high amounts of phytonutrients, tolerant or resistant to diseases (with especial interest to Sharka), cold stress, unfavorable soil-climatic conditions. The institute has also evaluated many new rootstocks for prunus species. Two rootstock genotypes have been released for the peach tree growing.
  • Reservation of genetic resources of cultivars and rootstocks. The Pomology Institute has collections of 371 peach, 110 apricot, 95 cherry, 16 sour cherry, 80 plum, 17 almond and 10 hazelnut cultivars/ genotypes. Reservation of virus free propagation material
  • The development of necessary technology for producing peach and cherries using the Integrated Fruit Production System,
  • Fruit tree nutrition and fertilization
  • Development of techniques for the propagation of cultivars and rootstocks
  • Fruit tree frost resistance
  • Organize and participate in fruit tree growing training. Publish research results and reports.