Research Areas

Apple, Pear and Quince


  • Study of methods of cultural practices with emphasis on nutrition-fertilization.
  • Evaluation of local and foreign cultivars under the soil-climatic conditions of the Pomology Institute.
  • Evaluation of cultivars and rootstocks of apple, pear and quince.
  • In vitro propagation of cultivars and rootstocks.
  • Evaluation of cultivars resistant to diseases.
  • Evaluation of quince genotypes as pear rootstocks.
  • Rootstock propagation.

Main Results

  • Evaluation of the new apple cultivars Superchief, Red Kan, Red Jonaprince, Fuji kiku, Fuji Aztec, Gala Schniga, Scarlet spur etc
  • Evaluation of new apple and pear cultivars that were created in the Pomology Institute (Myrto, Miranta, Kalliopi, Syrgiannidis, Amalthia)
  • Evaluation of apple hybrids in the framework of European research project.
  • Evaluation of quince genotypes.
  • Improvement of in vitro propagation of several species in the stages of multiplication and rooting.
  • Molecular fingerprinting of local Greek cultivars
  • Evaluation of cultivars resistant to diseases.
  • Propagation of the quince genotypes PI 1, PI 5 and PI 27.