Research Areas

Sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.)


  • Breeding for new cultivars
  • Breeding for new rootstocks
  • Study of methods of cultural practices
  • Facing of practical problems of cherry cultivation.

Main Results

  • Import of new cherry cultivars from abroad and evaluation under the soil-climatic conditions of the Pomology Institute. 101 sweet cherry cultivars and 25 sour cherry cultivars were evaluated.
  • Evaluation of local cultivars. 35 sweet cherry cultivars and 3 sour cherry cultivars were evaluated.
  • Record, evaluation and selection of 71 sweet cherry and sour cherry autochthonous seedlings.
  • 92 hybrids were obtained after cross pollination of selected cultivars.
  • Breeding for new rootstocks aims on the exploitation and selection of dwarfing rootstocks, tolerant to pests and soil diseases, soil adversities (heavy textured soils, calcareous soils, saline soils, and possessing good conformity with the grafted cultivars.
  • Several propagation techniques were evaluated.
  • Twelve rootstocks were imported and were planted in the experimental field for evaluation.
  • The conformity of several rootstocks (SL 64, Mazard F 12-1, Colt, CAB, P. myrobalana, Gisela 5 and 6, Maxma 14) with several cultivars was evaluated.
  • With regard to the improvement of methods of cultural practices the following studies were performed: a) various training systems suitable for the integrated crop production system, b) plant nutrition and irrigation, c) soil management, d) plant protection against pests and diseases and the control of physiological disorders such as fruit cracking, double fruits etc.
  • With regard to fruit cracking, a field trial is performed by using plastic films against rain. Trials were performed by using various plant hormones and chemical substances for achieving higher fruit set, retardation of flowering, introducing trees earlier to productivity etc.