Research Areas



  • Development and evaluation of almond cultivars.
  • Development and evaluation of almond rootstocks resistant to drought and soil diseases.
  • Identification of promising almond genotypes, evaluation in situ, collection, reservation and evaluation ex situ
  • Organize and participate in almond tree growing training.

Main Results

  • A new promising almond cultivar was found «Prof Raptopoulou». Many almond genotypes have been evaluated for their morphological characteristics, yield etc.
  • Among eight rootstocks which were evaluated (GF677, Stylianidis, G-N15, G-N22, 3-7, 3-8, M51 and Drepanoto), GN 22 was the most resistant to drought.
  • In the frame of the SAFENUT project: ʽSafeguard of almond and hazelnut genetic resources from traditional uses to modern agro industrial opportunitiesʼ the following actions were carried out. Survey of local almond genotypes and Characterization in respect to morphological, chemical (phenolic profile, oil, lipid and nutrient contents) and genetic profile.